FOUR suggestions FOR THE ideal HONEYMOON

If you haven’t decided  when or where to go on your honeymoon, begin by reading my first post on how to method the planning process as well as exactly how to select the honeymoon destination that’s le meilleur pour toi. inspect it out here!

So you’ve booked your flights as well as made all your hotel/resort reservations… now what?  If you’re consumed by wedding planning as well as concerned that prepping for your honeymoon is falling by the wayside, don’t sweat it, just checked out on, soldier.  Today, in addition to sharing some location-specific details from part one of our honeymoon in the Seychelles, I’m very first sharing four mission-critical suggestions that will guarantee your honeymoon experience is unforgettable…

1.  PLAN special EXPERIENCES as well as activities before YOU LEAVE
This isn’t just one more vacation, this is your honeymoon!   Be sure to plan a few additional special moments to break up the trip as well as differentiate it from your common vacay.  Sometimes this implies making reservations for special meals or fun excursions before you arrive.  In our case, rich made a booking to have a personal dinner on the beach on our very first night in the Seychelles as a special begin to the trip.  We likewise made plans to have a couples’ massage during our stay as well as hired a guide as well as little boat to take us on a snorkeling as well as hiking daytrip to some little neighboring islands.  These special experiences made our honeymoon all the much more memorable.

Make special efforts to notify all of your work colleagues as well as clients of your honeymoon plans.  Include particular dates in your email out-of-office as well as include the get in touch with info of coworkers’ who can respond to concerns or emergencies while you’re gone.  Unlike routine getaways where you may sometimes be asked to inspect in or do a bit work right here as well as there, it’s essential to truly disconnect (really!) on your honeymoon, so handle expectations with colleagues as well as clients accordingly.  This is all coming from a workaholic extraordinaire that seldom (read: never) disconnects from my job, even on vacations.  I took a different method when preparing to leave for our honeymoon which produced numerous difficult late nights leading as much as the wedding event to make sure whatever work-wise was covered as well as done ahead of time, however it was the absolute finest thing I might have done.  Rich as well as I were able to be completely present as well as absorb every last moment of our special trip.

3.  GET A great video camera (AND A SELFIE STICK!)
For this trip, you may want to venture beyond your iphone pictures as well as invest in something a bit nicer.  We’re very into photography, so we brought our Canon 5D mark III, a GoPro, as well as a easy point-and-shoot.  If you’re not a photography freak, there are tons of fantastic point-and-shoot cameras (this one is great as well as links directly to your phone) as well as if purchasing a new video camera for the trip isn’t in the cards, look into rental options.  We’ve utilized consistently to lease video camera devices for one-off jobs or trips, as well as even rented a few special lenses from the them for our honeymoon.  You can lease whatever from the easiest point-and-shoot cameras to high-end expert photography accessories for extremely sensible prices.

As for a selfie stick, believe me, nobody enjoys ridiculing them much more than yours truly.  However, I got one in a gift bag at a seminar a couple years ago, as well as after jokingly tricking around with it, I really realized that there are some merits to the devices. [insert embarrassed emoji here] particularly if you’re off checking out without great deals of people around to assist snap a couples photo, there are simple methods to hold the selfie stick from a side angle to ensure that the embarrassing pole isn’t visible in the photo as well as you’re able to find house with great deals of fantastic photos of the two of you.  Get one that can hold your phone and/or point-and-shoot camera and nobody has to know.

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4.  PACK two WEEKS ahead OF wedding event FESTIVITIES
If you’re leaving for your honeymoon soon after your wedding event day, begin packing at least two WEEKS (seriously) before your wedding.  You may believe you’ll have time in the days before the wedding, however you will be shocked whatsoever of the last minute things that come up as well as demand your attention.  There’s nothing worse than reaching your honeymoon destination having forgotten great deals of required items, or missing time with your household as well as buddies on the day of the rehearsal dinner or wedding event day since you’re rushing to pack for the honeymoon dernière minute.

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